Pulmonary expert, doctor Angelko Gjorcev, fell into a coma after receiving a coronavirus vaccine in Nish, Serbia. His son, VMRO-DPMNE official Vladimir Gjorcev, informed the public that his father had prior conditions and that he is currently in deep coma, struggling for his life.

My father was left without a vaccine at home, as are thousands of others. There are no vaccines for the elderly or for the medical workers. We are experiencing a disaster. I believe that the public should continue to take the vaccines as that is the only way to protect public health, Vladimir Gjorcev said, adding that his father likely suffered a rare anaphylactic shock. Thousands of Macedonian citizens went to Serbia in the past few days to take the coronavirus vaccine.

He added that his father had heart issues and spent the last year at home, with minimal human contact, which is why he decided to take the vaccine in Serbia, which opened its vaccination system for foreign citizens. “My father is 72 and in his 45 career he treated thousands of people. He has patients in every city across Macedonia, a country which he loves with all his being. And Macedonia could not provide him with a single vaccine, could not provide almost anybody with vaccines”, Gjorcev said.