The Public Health Institute (IJZ) informs that 82 doctors and nurses were infected with the coronavirus so far in Macedonia. Many of the cases are linked to the Kumanovo hospital, and the Dermatology Clinic where director Nina Caca Biljanovska kept going to work after getting infected during a ski trip to Italy.

There were 49 newly reported coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, most of them in Skopje and Kumanovo. Probistip saw its first Covid-19 case so far.

There were 663 coronavirus positive tests so far and the death toll of the epidemic has risen to 30. Some 37 patients are considered cured.

It was determined that 181 of those positive to the virus had other chronic illnesses, most of them (126) cardio-vascular disease, 36 had prior respiratory diseases and 35 are diabetics. Most of those who were tested and were positive had fever (64 percent), cough (60 percent) and fatigue (34,4 percent), but 206 were asymptomatic.