The number of patients treated from Covid-19 in the clinics in Skopje rose to 353, the Healthcare Ministry reported, as 43 new patients were admitted over the past 24 hours, and 25 were discharged.

The most severe cases of the illness are treated in Skopje, mainly in the 8th of September hospital which has 80 patients, and the Infectious Diseases Clinic with 125 patients. The Kozle children’s hospital has 26 patients and five women are treated at the Covid ward in the Gynecology Clinic. There are 30 beds available in the Covid centers. The field hospital set up next to the Infectious Diseases Clinic remains available if the number of new patients climbs.

Macedonia is going through a major new wave in the pandemic, as the so-called British strain of the virus spreads in the capital Skopje and several central cities like Kavadarci and Prilep. Over 540 patients are treated in general hospitals across Macedonia. Most patients are treated in Prilep (84), while Kavadarci has 69 patients in its local hospital. The Kumanovo hospital cares for 75 coronavirus patients.