SDSM and 20 other parties signed Wednesday a coalition agreement for the coming local elections.

As SDSM leader Zoran Zaev stated after the joint meeting at the party headquarters, cooperation at several levels, joint councilor lists and 69 mayors have been defined.

Set up like this, said Zaev, the coalition is a guarantee that the progress of the state, the development of the regions and municipalities will continue.

This is the coalition “The best for my municipality“, the favorite, winner of the elections. We have the knowledge, will and motivation, plan and program to solve the problems of the citizens. The principles behind which we stand together are the recognizable seal – work in the interest of all, said Zaev.

According to him, the election coalition will have a wide staff offer in the first and second rounds.

Zaev underlined that today’s signing of the Agreement has symbolism.

It is appropriate for the state-building parties to conclude an Agreement exactly on the Independence Day, the day on which we mark 30 years of sovereignty and statehood, underlined Zaev.

But it must be noted that this is a reduction in the number of coalition partners. If for the last elections there were 25 parties united around SDSM, for these local elections there are 20.