A tactical drill, decorations and other ceremonies marked the 41st anniversary of the anti-terrorist police unit “Tiger” in the Skopje-based army barracks Ilinden on Sunday.

The event was also attended by Macedonian Prime Minister, Dimitar Kovacevski, Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski,as well as the top leadership in the Ministry of Interior, senior representatives of the Government and the General Staff, police attachés at embassies in the country, families of killed members of the unit and numerous guests, associates and friends of the special anti-terrorist police unit “Tiger.”

This special police unit is one of the most complex in the security structure of the Ministry of Interior, in the name of specific, complex tasks and dynamic challenges that are set before it in daily work, it is always necessary to be fully prepared, technically and staffed to perfection.

In his address, the commander of the “Tiger” unit, Mitko Danevski, said that “Tiger” was and continues to be the guardian of the constitutional order of the country, in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, guaranteeing peace, freedom and security of all citizens of our country.