The Ohrid courrt ordered detention for the powerful local DUI party boss Nefi Useini after he was filmed beating a local man over a property dispute with the butt of his pistol.

The latest violent incident involving the untouchable member of the Ohrid city council was apparently too much to bear even for the Ohrid prosecutors. But Useini has still not been arrested. His brother, who also took part in the beating, is also charged and faces detention.

Spiro Topalovski from Ohrid said that Useini, his brother and several other men pulled guns on him and his 14 year old son, and beat him because of a dispute Topalovski had with oligarch Zore Temelkovski. Useini and Temelkovski confirmed that they are friends and that Useini had an argument in which he hit Topalovski, but he denied using weapons.