The Ohrid court accepted a guarantee of 30,000 EUR to allow notorious local boss Nefi Useini and his brother out on bail, in a case in which they are accused of pulling a gun on a local citizen and his 14 year old son, and then beating the man.

The two were arrested after days of hiding from the police in a case which raised serious issues about whether the law applies to the DUI party boss in Ohrid. Nefi Useini was named in numerous assaults and for his unlawful construction across the city, including in the strictly protected core of the historic Ohrid. Days after the incident, which caused outrage, the attacked man withdrew his statement claiming that he was mistaken and that there was no gun, and that he is good friends with Nefi.

If the Bitola Appeals Court accepts the bail, Nefi and his brother will walk free until the trial starts.