The October session of the Joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on History and Textbooks hangs in the air. The contracts of all members of the Macedonian team of the commission expired on September 15 and de jure they have no mandate to either schedule a session or negotiate, “Pressing TV” has learned.

It was the same last year, only then, with a two-month delay, all members’ contracts were extended for another year, except the contract of Aleksandar Litovski. His contract was extended until the end of the year, and then terminated, allegedly due to family reasons.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani and the members of the commission, the chairman Dragi Gjorgiev and the member Petar Todorov have already reacted to this.

But, obviously, Osmani has not yet found it necessary to extend the contracts, even though more than ten days have passed since their expiration. Whether and what lies behind this is not yet clear, but the assumptions can go from the fact that the role of the commission is already done and the flag in the negotiations is taken over by politicians led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, to the fact that only eligible historians and persons suitable for the government will be elected.