One day after voting to keep the Zaev Government in place with a very narrow majority of 120 votes, the ruling coalition was again unable to gather the necessary quorum of 61 votes to hold a session of Parliament.

Speaker Talat Xhaferi asked the parties in teh coalition to provide the votes, but his own DUI party said that a number of representatives are absent due to health issues. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev ordered all hands on deck on Wednesday, when he sprang a surprise vote of confidence in his Government – in an attempt to stop the on-going fragmentation of the coalition. Despite a number of smaller parties like BESA, LDP, DOM and DS leaving his group in Parliament or voicing criticism in Zaev, all 62 representatives voted to keep Zaev in office.

But nothing much is likely to be moved on the agenda of the legislative body. The coalition is unable to have 61 votes needed to convene the Parliament most days, and the stunt on Wednesday makes it even less likely that the opposition will help Zaev hold sessions and put bills to the floor.