The investigation into the “Racket” case showed that of the two cell phones, owned by the suspected MP Frosina Remenski, one was formatted and the other was replaced on July 11, 4 days before the opening of investigation and the arrest of Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Mileski-Kiceec.

As Telma reports, Remenski’s old device is missing, but her new mobile device has not been found either. The expertise of the formatted apparatus, on the other hand, showed that it had no data that could be used in the investigation.

The Parliament claims that they have no reports that the MP lost her phone.

Remenski is suspected in the second part of the “Racket” investigation related to the activities of the International Association. Her passport has been seized and she cannot leave Skopje. Her home was searched, and documents from intelligence services were found during the search.