Macedonians living on the territory of Serbia are disturbed by the fact that their documents do not contain the description of the constitutional regulation of the country. As they say, they have not been able to get an explanation as to why the term Republic is not contained.

Why the full name is not written? Our country is a Republic, and not area “North Macedonia”! We want to know if this is a rule stemming from the Prespa agreement, and we do not know it? Is there a mistake and where to look for it? Did the Serbian authorities act in accordance with some rulebook or agreement with the Macedonian side? Macedonians in Serbia ask.

According to the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is being acted in accordance with the Prespa Agreement, which allows it and that the term “Republic” may or may not be used in documents, and the country in which the Macedonians live alone chooses it.

The long and short forms of the name of the state are equally valid. Which one of them will be used in a particular case (depending on the space they have in a particular situation) is a choice of each country. It is not our responsibility to respond to their decisions or solutions in their documents. There are no agreements or rulebooks of that type as you say, the Ministry told Alfa.

The official names of states contain the terms Republic, Kingdom, Federal Republic, and the like to differentiate the geographical areas, and this reflects their sovereignty.