Kisela Voda is a municipality that in recent years has not invested literally anything, a municipality without any capital project, no street without a hole, it has been turned into a large golf terrain. In the 21st century, citizens live without fecal and atmospheric sewage. The lack of kindergartens is also a problem and at the moment over 400 children are waiting to be admitted.

These are the biggest problems that Kisela Voda is facing the candidate for mayor Orce Gjorgjievski told “Republika.

He explains that they have solutions to all these problems.

The problem with the kindergartens will be addressed in two phases. We will offer construction of two new kindergartens, one in the village of Dracevo and the other in the urban part of Kisela Voda and increase the capacities of the existing ones. We do not even have a fire station, there is only a station in Dracevo and we have been waiting for too long for the firefighting vehicles to respond. There is also no fire station in the urban part of Kisela Voda. A polyclinic is also needed because for a regular examination we need to go to the state hospital or to “Jane Sandanski”. That is why I am announcing the construction of a new polyclinic in Rasadnik, stressed Gjorgjievski.

He promises that the priority during his term will be the interest of the citizens.

As an example for the “Rasadnik” complex, an international tender should be issued for a design solution and in cooperation with the citizens and the owners of the plots, the best design solution should be chosen. I will not allow myself to be in the service of the individual. I am entering this battle to protect my own people and citizens, and not the urban mafia.

Construction of a new settlement in the municipality of Kisela Voda is also planned.

The new settlement is planned to be at the entrance of Dracevo near Cuprija, after the industrial zone in Pintija on the right side. Most of them are private plots but we plan to urbanize them and make a beautiful new settlement for young couples, urbanized, with children’s corners.

Gjorgjievski believes that a complete reorganization of the municipal administration is needed.

The problem is the poor organization and incompetence of the current mayor. We have sectors that are overcrowded with employees and we have sectors, such as the legalization sector where there are thousands of unresolved cases. The municipality is in need of a complete reorganization. I plan to introduce a way with deadlines for fulfilling the obligations and ease the services for citizens.

Gjorgjievski also announces changes in his work as a future mayor.

I will not be a person who will be trapped in the office, inaccessible to the citizens, but close to them, at least twice a week I will visit settlements. I want to get acquainted with the problems. I will be a mayor who will not use an official vehicle, will not I use official fuel and official lunches. I will be a normal citizen who will only administer the municipality and I will be the first among my own to solve the problems of the citizens, promises the candidate for mayor of VMRO-DPMNE.

He also said that there should be two new industrial zones in the municipality of Kisela Voda during his term.