The organized crimes unit of the OJO office of public prosecutors announced that it is investigating the purchase of software for 80,000 EUR that the Interior Ministry signed with top SDSM party official Dragi Raskovski.

Raskovski, a top confidant of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and an IT professor, was accused in the public for the deal, in which a traffic management software he developed was purchased by the police shortly after Zaev grabbed power in 2017. There was no apparent need for the software and it is still not put to any use by the Ministry, giving the whole deal a strong stench of corruption.

It is just the latest corruption scandal to involve Raskovski, but unlike before, he is now facing criticism even from inside the SDSM party ranks. He is under such pressure that the news of his vacation trip to Mexico with his family was quickly interpreted as an attempt to flee the country.