Harlem Desir, the OSCE high representative for freedom of media, expressed concern because of the criminal charges filed against Infomax editor Aleksandar Mitovski, who revealed evidence that top Government officials were involved in the major racketeering scandal. Mitovski published excerpts from a sworn testimony given before the prosecutors, who are now investigating the source of the leak.

Closely following the case of Aleksandar Mitovski, editor for Infomax, who is charged for publishing official secrets in “North” Macedonia, Desir wrote on his Twitter account.

The Macedonian Association of Journalists held a protest in front of the OJO office of state prosecutors today, in support of Mitovski, demanding that the Zaev Government and the prosecutors end their campaign of pressure against the media. During the protest, it was learnt that the police has just stormed into the office of Netpress, another critical news site which was reporting on the allegations that a procurement contract for air traffic control equipment worth 7.5 million EUR was rigged by Dragi Raskovski, the Secretary General in Zoran Zaev’s Government.