Foreign Affairs Minister, Bujar Osmani, says that according to the current proposal, the Macedonian language is one of the 25 languages of the EU and as such becomes part of the negotiating framework.

In Friday’s interview with “360 Degrees” on TV Alsat, Osmani said that it is one of the greatest victories for the Macedonian people and the country.

According to what there is now as a proposal, the Macedonian language remains one of the 25 EU languages without any qualifications, additions and interpretations. We do not allow and there is no reason for Bulgaria to dispute it because it becomes part of the negotiating framework, and the negotiating framework is the basic document that defines the process, and then is the basis for signing the accession agreement, said Osmani and added that the whole process was blocked, that is, what there will be now in the framework determines the way forward for the Macedonian people and the state.

He reiterated that the protocol has no place in the negotiating framework and that it is waiting to be finalized and then presented to the public.

He hopes that the last-minute amendments adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament in the decision to accept the French proposal “provide a basis for understanding our positions in the process”.

Certainly, the Bulgarian positions have been taken into account in defining this package, because in order to give consent, Bulgaria wanted to see its positions as well, Osmani said.

Asked when a final French proposal was expected, he said the French presidency would expire in a few days and that the government was open to considering that version if it arrived.

The French presidency is until June 30, which means that in the coming days, if they decide on a new proposal, in accordance with these views of both sides, which were also made public, we are open to assess it. If we receive a proposal, the institutions will be consulted and a decision will be made. We will absolutely not be guided by hybrid attacks, by disappointed politicians who think they can bring careers back to the wave of public mood. We are elected to lead and will lead if we are convinced that this is a policy that leads forward for the citizens and the state, said Osmani.