Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani confirmed that Bulgaria is raising demands that are aimed at the Macedonian language, but insisted that the Government will not accept these demands. Osmani today spoke at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament about the state of negotiations in the dispute with Bulgaria.

Osmani also refused to show the answers Macedonia gave to Bulgaria on its list of demands, but offered to do so privately, in his office, to members of Parliament.

Antonio Milososki, who heads the Committee, said that the public and the Parliament lost their trust in the Government, as Osmani is refusing to reveal the answers and whether they are in line with the resolution adopted by the Parliament to safeguard Macedonian national interests.

You say you are not negotiating about the language but that there are conversations. It’s a thin line between coversations and negotiations. We see that the main goal of the Government is its survival and that priority can push you to enterr into negotiations, Milososki said.