Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani met with SEC President Oliver Derkovski and said after the meeting that the most important thing now is to hold fair and democratic elections because of the European integration process.

This is really the case this time. All the member states will talk about us in March with a fresh memory, and March 26 will be the fourth day of the election campaign. Any deviation from the normal electoral process will be fresh in the memory of the member states when making the decision. That is why this time the responsibility is greatest, Osmani said.

The specifics of the forthcoming elections, Osmani said, are that they coincide with the extraordinary report we are expecting in February and the decision to start negotiations at the European Union spring summit with all preparation and the start of the election campaign. Hence the need for this election process to be according to the highest European standards, to show the state that it deserves to be part of the EU.

Derkovski said that there is a time when all the stakeholders should take responsibility and carry out this process in the most perfect way so as not to give an alibi to anyone.