The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, announced a note of protest to Bulgaria because of the insults of the MEP Angel Dzhambazki towards Prime Minister Kovacevski. This piece of news should be completely normal and should not be given any importance.

But that applies to normal governments and states. Not when it comes to the current and former government of “North”.

For these five years since DUI and SDSM have been in power, they have never once sent a reaction, let alone a protest note to official Sofia for all the insults directed at Macedonians not only by Dzhambazki, but also by Kovachev, Boyko Borisov, Rumen Radev, Petkov, Trifonov, Karakachanov, Zaharieva….

Bulgarian politicians, regardless of whether they are in power or in opposition, seem to be competing to make as humiliating a statement as possible about Macedonians, about our language and identity, hoping to gain political points. For some, it worked, so with the help of Macedonia, they came to or kept the power.

“Macedonia”, however, “buried” some, like Trifonov or Karakachanov, and sent them into political retirement. Dzambaski also comes from Karakachnov’s party and has not yet been awakened from the dream of San Stefano Bulgaria, Ohrid as a Bulgarian center, and so forth.

Not so long ago, Osmani’s predecessor, Nikola Dimitrov, said that “friends should talk and not send protest notes”.

Apparently, times have changed and friends aren’t such great friends anymore. Except when the prime minister is attacked. For the government, Macedonians are not important anyway.