The virus has taught us that no collective or restrictive measure is better than personal awareness and personal protection. Everyone should abide by really easy measures – wearing a mask, maintaining personal hygiene and behaving accordingly. Collective measures obviously do not produce results. These cases, today’s peak, is a result of contagion during the curfew, said Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani on Monday.

Osmani, who is also the National Coordinator for foreign aid, handed over ventilators donated by Norway to the Skopje-based general hospital “8 September”.

He said fight against fake news and conspiracy theories, serious perception of the disease effects and personal protection are most important in the prevention of the COVID-19 spread.

We reviewed all numbers and the reasons for the increased number of infections at today’s Crisis HQ meeting. Most of the new cases come from several families, i.e. already known clusters, but the trend is nevertheless concerning. The Commission is doing analyses whether this is a result of non-observance of personal protective measures or there are other reasons for this, said Osmani.

He added that the pandemic is present, while the virus is still dangerous, rejecting all conspiracy theories aimed at downplaying the importance of the pandemic.

The best way to protect ourselves is to behave as if positive and treat each person as being positive. No collective measure, no police officer can control how we behave at home or at work. The only way is to realize this is a serious disease that kills, that our behavior could kill our loved ones, noted Osmani.