As chairman of OSCE, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani presented a nine point plan for de-escalation of the tense situation in the north of Kosovo, where the Albanian dominated Government moved to take over several town halls in majority Serb areas.

Osmani calls on the two sides to remain committed to the recent Ohrid treaty, calls on Kosovo to withdraw its special police forces from the area and on Serbia to reduce the readiness level of its armed forces, and have regular Kosovan police deployed there. The plan also calls for an end to the often violent protests of the local Serb population.

On the political end, the ethnic Albanian mayors who were elected amid Serb boycott should resign and a new round of elections should take place by the end of the year.

Serbia, and much of the Western community, demand that Kosovo implements the agreement, including to allow the creation of an association of Serbian municipalities in the north. Kosovo fears that this would mean Serbian secession down the line. Albania has notably sided with the West and is critical of the conduct of the Kosovo Government.