Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that a decision between Macedonia and Bulgaria to jointly honor medieval historic figures such as Tsar Samoil, saints Cyril and Methodius and St. Clement of Ohrid was made. It seems that this will be the focus of the discussions between Macedonian and Bulgarian historians on Thursday and Friday, and will be at the core of the agreement that is expected to be announced – in the hope that it will lead to Bulgaria lifting its veto.

The members of the historic commission on our part stand in defense of what they agreed to in 2019. At the moment, the discussion is whether these contents will be recommended to the schools, to be added to the history books. But I will leave to the commission to explain these details, Osmani said.

The Kovacevski Government is pushing on the Macedonian historians to agree to the Bulgarian historic narrative. The next step will obviously be whether and how this new narrative will be imposed on the school children.