Additional 22 pupils attending first grade in the Goce Delcev elementary school in downtown Skopje were sent home after one of the pupils tested positive to the coronavirus.

The kid’s mother is one of the two teachers in the school which is positive. She had flu symptoms for days, and was not going to work, but had her child attend school. Fifteen children from a grade which she taught are already forced to attend online school for fear of possible exposure.

Mayor Sasa Bogdanovic called on the school to discipline the teacher for her actions.

This irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated. Teachers must serve as example and be dedicated to working with their students and can’t allow to bring their safety in question, Bogdanovic said.

This is the worst coronavirus outbreak in a school so far, since the school year started late last week. Most students attend online education, but the first three grades of elementary school attend in-person teaching.