Criminal charges were filed against anti-Government activist Ljupco Palevski and three others, over the airing of several illegally wiretapped phone conversations in the city of Prilep in early April.

Palevski, a businessman and former high ranked SDSM official who broke with the party accusing it of undermining Macedonian national interests, held a small rally in Prilep where, over loudspeakers, he played several conversations of SDSM officials.

The charges are being filed as more leaks appeared online, including the high impact one in which top SDSM member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski is heard ordering drugs from his dealer. Another had former President and SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski discussing a corrupt business deal involving current Public Administration Minister Damjan Mancevski. It is unclear whether these recordings were released through Palevski or someone else.

SDSM took control over Macedonia using a political and propaganda campaign in which they released thousands of illegally recorded wiretaps, recorded by intelligence agents loyal to the party. SDSM insisted that the tapes are used as evidence against VMRO-DPMNE officials, but now that they are in charge of the country, any calls for accountability based on new wiretaps are quickly dismissed.