Political activist Aleksandar Pandov reveals additional details about the major corruption scandal affecting the leading public healthcare officials in Macedonia. According to Pandov, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and FZO healthcare fund manager Den Doncev were extorting 60.000 EUR a month from a dialysis provider.

Vera Ivanova, owner of the Diamed dialysis provider, is now suing the two for attempting to prevent the sale of her company to the Swedish Diaverum for 11.5 million EUR by insisting before the Swedes that Diamed faces a criminal investigation.

We learn that Doncev and Filipce were extorting 60.000 EUR per month from a Macedonian company, against using as intermediaries (the people from the racketeering scandal – Bojan Jovanovski) – Boki 13 and (Zoran Milevski – Zoki) Kicheec, but also an influential clerical person from Strumica. After the company was sold to a renowned Swedish company, they had the account of the company frozen and demanded a bribe of 3 million EUR to unfreeze it. When the company complained they don’t have that much money, they were even sent to loan sharks from Aracinovo, who would borrow the money, with a monthly interest of 11 percent. And nobody bats an eye, Pandev claims.

He calls on state prosecutors to charge Dan Doncev, given that he is also an Australian citizen and could easily flee the country to avoid being investigated. Doncev is a former official of the first VMRO-DPMNE led Government but is also a personal friend of Zoran Zaev from his Strumica days, and was invited to join his SDSM Government. He was reportedly involved in the secretive recording of a conversation with former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, which Zaev used in 2014 in an attempt to create a perception of corruption about Gruevski.