In an interview with TV Kanal 5, the President of the Patriotic Institute of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Pandov, stressed regarding the crisis and inflation in Macedonia that the Government needs to do something because it is paid to amortize price shocks.

Any person who has not been in the country for a year, when going to any of the markets, for the 1,000 denars or 2,000 denars as much as he used to spend in the market, and compare what he could buy then, and what now, is terrifying, said Pandov.

He added that the government should do something, it is paid to amortize those price shocks of energy fuels, food and everything else.

Pandov emphasized that it is completely normal for the opposition to ask and seek answers what are the plans of Kovacevski and those ministers who are in charge of those questions, to give answers, directions and to know the citizens what is being done and how they will help them now in this crisis.

Now we do not have a systemic approach of the state to solve the problem. It is clear that the crisis in Macedonia has already arrived. We are already living in a time of crisis, at the moment we have too expensive fuels, electricity and everything else. In such a situation when the state cannot service its basic needs, it is normal for us to demand the resignation of the Government, concluded Pandov.