Doctor Nikola Panovski called on the Government to urgently reverse its decision to relax the measures put in place to fight the coronavirus. After three dismal days, with high numbers of newly infected patients and fatalities, Panovski said that it is clear the decision was made with a political agenda in mind and does not fit the situation on the ground.

These were political decisions and now the consequences are here. The Committee on infectious diseases must act based on science and expertise. They should never have relaxed the measures, Panovski said.

The latest Government measures included an end to the evening curfew and the reopening of restaurants and cafes. Most of the new cases are likely linked to the disregard for the curfew during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The Government was eager to create a sense of normalcy as it pushes for early elections in June and ignored the opinions of experts who warned that it is too soon to relax the curfew measures.

Panovski, who is a microbiology expert, called for an immediate curfew that would begin at 21h, and for movement restrictions in the worst affected parts of the country, particularly in order to prevent the night life that is also driving the spread of the epidemic.