A group of parents sent reactions to our newsroom because they are helpless regarding the beginning of the school year for children up to 10 years old, regardless of whether the learning will take place online or in person. They have several questions for the authorities:

1. Do the authorities consider doing something about those parents who have children aged 6,7,8. When both parents are at work from 8h 16h and are not able to take their children from school at 9h or at 10:30 h as the classes are to end ???

2. Does the Minister of Education really think that a child aged 5.5 to 10 is able to go to school (bus, on foot ..etc, etc.) then return home, eat alone and to wait for his parents to return from work by 17h, because we do not all have grandparents at home ???

3. When it comes to online learning the same question: Do the authorities think that we should leave a child of 6 years (first or second grade) to sit at home ALONE without any supervision and that child in the scheduled time turn on the computer, log in and follow the classes alone?!?!?!?!?!.

4. And finally, how is it that in the private ones daycare is allowed, where we should pay 15,000 denars, and in the state ones, it is not allowed? (according to the recommendation of the Commission for Infectious Diseases)

Or for them, the solution is that ONE PARENT has to quit his job because these children cannot take care of themselves.