E-application for issuance of birth certificate for a newborn has been enabled at national web-portal www.uslugi.gov.mk.

“Parents can now submit an e-application for a birth certificate for their newborn without going to the  Office for Management of Registers. Using the service ‘eID’ ensures easy and delay-free application,” said Minister of Information Society and Administration Azir Aliu at the promotion of the new e-service on Monday.

Minister Aliu said digitization is the only way to change the citizens’ lives, adding more than 150 new online services would be available at the national web-portal by the year-end.

“The ministry is working hard on digitization and digital transformation of the country, within the recently promoted ‘Digital Era’ platform, aimed at increasing electronic services for citizens and administration,” said Aliu.

He noted that e-services would cut waiting times and costs but also boost people’s trust in institutions.