Parents of children attending the Blaze Koneski elementary school in Skopje’s central Aerodrom district, are protesting against a plan to build a kindergarten in the school yard. This part of the city is undergoing massive construction of new apartment buildings and the parents are complaining that they are about to lose the only place their children have for games and sports.

We demand that all construction work ends, the parents say, while announcing a protest tomorrow at noon, as construction machines rolled into the school today. “We don’t want our children to study at a construction site, breathing dust. We demand that Mayor Zlatko Marin reverses his decision in interest of the citizens and the children. The area is overcrowded as it is”.

The parents propose a different location, currently used as improvised parking, or to have other near-by kindergartens expanded to make room for the increasing number of children that comes with the mass expansion of residential buildings in the area.