Sloboden Pecat reports that the parking of the major Mother Teresa clinic complex in Skopje is taken over by a group of fraudsters who charge money from people desperate find parking space.

The notoriously narrow and congested streets and parking spaces in the center are supposed to be managed on the basis of paid parking. But a group of men have figured out a way to turn extra profit. They take up space with their own cars and then offer to move, but for an additional price. With actual patients wary of the coronavirus and anxious to get the treatment they came for, many are willing to pay twice for the parking space rather than waste precious time.

The problem has been going on for three years now. We keep filing reports to the police. We did so again today, we are asking the police to tow the cars that take up space, said Borce Jakimovski, director of the Skopje parking.

The extra fee ranges between 1 and 1.5 euros. This is the money the gang charges from patients who have already paid the entrance fee once, but can’t find any space.