During the late night session in the Parliament, the majority adopted changes to the electoral code which will give an even greater over-representation to ethnic Albanian voters.

Under the request put forward by the DUI party, and accepted by SDSM which is hoping itiwill help them adopt a law that increases SDSM control over the judiciary, the city of Debar and the rural municipality of Mavrovo – Rostuse are removed from the 6th electoral district and sent to the 5th district. This will further reduce the number of voters in the 6th district, which is largely ethnic Albanian and as such elects the most of the Albanian members of Parliament.

According to the badly outdated census records, the 6th district has more citizens than the other five districts and by law it should see its border constrict. But in reality, due to high emigration levels, it regularly elects members of Parliament with far fewer votes than the other districts, as turnout levels which are normally in the mid 60-ies, barely break 50 percent in this district.

Sending Debar, which is worth about 10.000 votes and votes overwhelmingly for Albanian parties, to the 5th district, can add between one and two Albanian members of Parliament.