The Macedonian Parliament adopted a law introducing a mask mandate even for citizens who are alone, in the open. The law was stripped of an even more intrusive clause that would’ve banned home gatherings with more than four visitors.

After a tense debate, during which the idea to use police to raid homes was scrapped, the rest of the law was adopted with 53 votes in favor and 26 abstained.

Besides the mask mandate, the law orders self-isolation for citizens who are awaiting to be tested for the coronavirus, and bans public gathering at certain times (article meant to discourage open air parties after clubs and cafes were already banned from having live music events and playing live music).

Citizens are allowed to remain without a mask in their own cars, if alone or with household members, when in their own yards and in restaurants that observe other protocols. Children over 6 must also wear masks. Fines are set at 20 EUR for violating the mask mandate and 50 EUR for leaving mandatory isolation.