The Parliament is set to vote on revoking the mandate of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski between June 10th and 15th, Speaker Talat Xhaferi said today.

A Committee voted on Wednesday to revoke his mandate, using the legal option to do this after a six months long absence from the legislative body. Gruevski received political asylum in Hungary to protect himself from the campaign of political persecution initiated by the Zaev regime.

The VMRO-DPMNE party, where Gruevski remains as an honorary President, called on its members in Parliament to vote according to the law – a move which was seen as allowing and even encouraging them to vote in favor of revoking Gruevski’s mandate. VMRO members of the Committee left before the vote, and several of them announced they will not vote in favor of the proposal when its put before the entire Parliament.

Zoran Zaev said that he would not try to cut deals with members of Parliament if he fails short of the 2/3 majority necessary to strip Gruevski of his mandate. Zaev has the option of turning to a group of nine former VMRO members of Parliament, who were already bribed and blackmailed into supporting the name change, if the representatives from VMRO proper don’t show up.

Meanwhile, the Appeals Court lifted a detention order in place against Gruevski in one of the numerous cases against him. Gruevski still has an arrest order and would be sent to serve out a prison sentence if he retuns to Macedonia.