After the numerous parties in the “Avatar” night club, contrary to the regulations of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Strumica became the largest COVID-19 hotspot in Macedonia, Kurir writes.

In the past 10-15 days, one of the most serious candidates for introduction of stricter measures is the municipality of Strumica. The city of about 50,000 inhabitants, according to the Ministry of Health, currently has over 260 active cases. Only on October 9, this municipality had an alarming number of 44 new coronavirus infections. In just five days, the number of new patients rises to one hundred, which alarms that the situation is worrying. If we take into account that in the past few months Strumica had the least coronavirus cases in Macedonia, for example the period from June 30 to July 4 this municipality counted only two new cases.

What is most worrying is that the Strumica hospital which is filled with Covid-19 patients by the second, and there is no place in the Infectious Diseases ward for a long time. The extra space that opened a week ago is full. Due to this situation, several more rooms in the outpatient clinics of the general hospital are being adapted for Covid-19 patients. But the lack of space is not the only problem that Strumica is facing. Another problem is the lack of medical staff. The problem culminated a week ago when two doctors and three nurses contracted the coronavirus.