Member of Parliament Pavle Trajanov welcomed the move of the LDP party to have its two representatives leave the SDSM led group in Parliament. Trajanov, who is the lone member of Parliament from his DS party, is still in the SDSM led coalition but said that he also prefers to act independently and express his own opinion in Parliament.

Independent action in Parliament affords many benefits, Trajanov said.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that he is disappointed in LDP because its move came at a time when VMRO-DPMNE is working to bring down the Government by encouraging defections in the coalition. Trajanov, LDP and the environmentalist DOM party (which has two seats in Parliament) criticized Zaev on his appeasing position toward Bulgaria and because of the rampant corruption. SDSM and its coalition partners have only 62 seats out of 120 in Parliament, and struggled with simply convening the Parliament, let alone passing legislation.