The Macedonian people are united and stand in the way of the betrayal that Zoran Zaev and this government are preparing for Macedonia. Complete deprivation of identity by erasing the Macedonian people and the Macedonian language is the last red line that we will not allow to be crossed. I am glad that the number of people who are encouraged to protest and say NO to erasing everything Macedonian is increasing every day, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Kiril Pecakov at Friday’s protest in Ohrid, where the resignation of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was demanded.

He pointed out that no one had given Zaev a mandate to negotiate about Macedonia, and the Macedonian people and language, and told him that our Macedonian consciousness could not be erased.

Because this government cannot solve the problems of the citizens of Macedonia, we demand the immediate resignation of Zaev and the formation of a government of national salvation that will be composed of experts. The people are waking up, Ohrid is waking up, Macedonia is alive. Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people!