The technical deadlines of the Prespa Agreement will be put on hold until the start of accession negotiations with the European Union, President Stevo Pendarovski said in an interview with TV Telma’s “Top tema” show.

Pendarovski also referred to the road signs in Greece, which have not yet been changed in accordance with this agreement.

The Prespa Agreement has two types of political and technical deadlines. The first are related to the use of the name in international relations and bilateral relations. It is fulfilled. The technical apply to areas. When we start negotiations with the EU on the field of ecology, the new name will have to be used in the legal field documentation in this area. If we do not start negotiations with the EU, these technical deadlines will wait. To tell you otherwise, on our return from Paris due to bad weather, we landed in Thessaloniki. And by the way, not a single sign reads North Macedonia, they all read Skopje, which is a violation of the Agreement, says Pendarovski.