President Stevo Pendarovski and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev do not feel responsible for Bulgaria’s blockade. According to President Pendarovski, the blockade is based on Sofia’s demands outside the Good Neighborhood Agreement, while Prime Minister Zaev said the whole world sees us as Europeans looking toward the future.

Pendarovski, at a press conference after the Security Council, in response to a journalist question said that he does not feel responsible for Bulgaria’s veto, because nothing has been agreed yet, neither in writing nor oral, outside the Good Neighborhood Agreement.

If we had signed something outside that agreement, then you could have sought responsibility. You do not even have to ask, we will leave alone, said Pendarovski.

Zaev also said he did not feel responsible for Bulgaria’s blockade.

I do not feel responsible because the whole world knows how to praise us, knows how to reward us and knows how to show that we are people looking toward the future, how much we are Europeans, and how we do it in European manners, said the Prime Minister.