President Stevo Pendarovski told reporters in Tetovo on Thursday that according the information he has received from authorities, so far there are no indications that the fire that erupted in the modular hospital was intentional.

However, I say, it is the information I have at this moment and of course the competent public prosecutor will inform about the findings in the coming days, he said, adding that their report that will determine the cause of the fire and whether it was intentional.

Regarding accountability for the tragic event, Pendarovski says that we should wait and see all the findings of the investigation.

It is still early, it’s only been less than 24 hours after the fire. I always insist on having moral and political and subjective and any accounatbility, but at this moment I do not know if there is a basis for such responsibility. What I know is that the investigation should be launched as soon as possible and determine the cause of the fire, said Pendarovski.