President Stevo Pendarovski says that he personally does not agree that ethnicity should be included ID cards – as envisioned in the proposed amendments to the Law on ID cards submitted by the ruling party Besa, for which there is a previous agreement with SDSM.

In an interview with, Pendarovski said that he would probably not veto the new law, if it is adopted in a regular procedure.

If the ruling coalition agrees, if there is a majority and if the law is passed in a regular procedure, I do not have very big arguments against such an attitude so as not to sign a decree. But I personally do not agree that ethnicity should be included in ID cards. There is no democratic state in the world in which there is ethnicity or religion affiliation. I do not mind, I do not think that if this law is passed with such a provision will break up the state or that it will have negative consequences. Personally, I do not agree, but if they vote in that form, I will sign the decree, although I do not agree that that detail should be included in ID cards, he said.