Although today it is difficult to give response the great historical dilemmas that existed many years ago, we can be sure that if we were not part of the antifascist coalition, today we would not have our own country, said President Stevo Pendarovski in his address at an event marking the National Uprising Day – October 11 in Prilep.

All documents and manifestos from the National Liberation War, the wide international support and recognition for our struggle unequivocally confirm that only as part of the antifascist coalition we could reach our own and free state, said Pendarovski.

This year, he pointed out, when we mark 80 years since the beginning of the National Uprising, we also celebrate 30 years of independence.

Today, when we observe National Uprising Day throughout the country, we honor to the brave men and women who sacrificed themselves for our freedom and statehood, Pendarovski said.

The foundations of this country, said Pendarovski, are Ilinden and antifascist and the moment we would forget that, then we ourselves would be working on demolishing the only place in the world that we can call our home.

According to him, the task before us is to preserve freedom and democratic values and to contribute to the coexistence with commitment and responsibility.