Stevo Pendarovski intends to visit Kosovo as one of his first foreign trips. The new Macedonian President elect won the office owing to the near unanimous support of ethnic Albanian voters, who helped him overcome his losing margin among ethnic Macedonians, and the visit to majority Albanian Kosovo is seen as acknowledgement of his debt.

I will happily be the first President of “North Macedonia” to visit Kosovo. I will personally work to have excellent relations with Kosovo, Pendarovski said in an interview with the Kosovan RTK television.

In the interview, Pendarovski dismissed the proposal that Serbia and Kosovo redraw their borders in order to make the two countries ethnically homogeneous. This proposal has raised fears of similar requests toward Macedonia.

That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Border change is a recipe for conflict. According to my information, this proposal is not supported in the decision rooms in either Europe or the United States. I wholeheartedly support the EU position that a solution is required that will be acceptable to Belgrade and Pristina, and which will not destabilize the region, Pendarovski added.

Pendarovski also says he will push for a completion of the highway link between Macedonia and Kosovo.