Freedom is the highest ideal and goal of a nation, which starts as an idea of a generation that wants to create its own future, President Stevo Pendarovski said in a video address on Ilinden (August 2).

On August 2, 1903, the struggle for freedom began with the revolutionary Ilinden generation that in the era of monarchies declared a democratic republic, and in the time of narrow-minded nationalism decided to build coexistence between the different. The struggle for freedom was continued by the famous anti-fascist generation that overcame propaganda and divisions and united around the idea of ​​a free people in its own, free state. As the Manifesto testifies, on August 2, 1944, the ASNOM delegates realized the dream of a free Macedonian state in which all its citizens are equal before the law, regardless of their differences and beliefs, reminds Pendarovski.

But, according to him, once won, freedom must be maintained through dedicated work of each new generation. He says that this year we celebrate 30 years of independence, years in which, as he estimates, we had ups and downs, three decades of success, but also of numerous external and internal challenges that caused deep crises and divisions.

In these times of uncertainty for us, but also for the whole world, we will have to overcome the internal divisions again and unite around the original Ilinden and ASNOM ideals. Let’s restore the trust of the citizens in the country by strengthening the democratic institutions and the rule of law. Let’s enable the young people to build their world here and to respect the different from us, as a precondition for a society of equal citizens. Freedom is born as an idea, it is acquired through struggle, and it is maintained through the efforts of each generation, of each one of us, said Pendarovski.