President Pendarovski has stated his position on Bulgarian academics denying the Macedonian language and saying that it is a dialect of Bulgarian.

According to the head of state, the Macedonian language and the Macedonian nation are a fact that no one normal would debate and sign agreements on something else.

The Macedonian language and the Macedonian nation are a fact, the Macedonian language has been an elemental fact for decades and it has been established internationally. I think it is pointless to talk about something that is a fact that everyone knows not only in our country, and their country, but also worldwide. There is a provision in the Prespa Agreement that refers to a United Nations conference, a member of a conference organized here in Skopje between us since 1979 in which the Macedonian language is internationally recognized as one of the languages of the South Slavic group. Under the Constitution of the former Yugoslavia in 1974 that state had three official languages, one of which was Macedonian and that means that Yugoslavia was then a member of the United Nations and the ID card of each member state of the then United Nations featured the Macedonian language since 1974, so it is an absolutely indisputable thing and I really think we would waste time arguing whether something exists or not. It exists just like the Macedonian nation, it is a fact and no one normal in our country will debate or sign contracts with anyone over that, Pendarovski said.