The Government passed Tuesday changes to the Decree on implementation of the law for the population’s protection from contagious diseases during a state of emergency.

According to the Decree, if a person refuses to accept a decision for self-isolation, provides false personal information or false data related to persons they had been in contact with in previous days, or fails to implement the measure of home self-isolation, he/she is ordered a measure of 14-day strict isolation (quarantine), in facilities designated by the Government of Macedonia, while the accommodation costs are covered by the person concerned.

The Government also adopted the report on EU’s activities in managing disinformation and spread of fake news related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Union members and candidate-states are recommended to promote checked information and credible content coming from an official source such as the World Health Organization, as well as fighting coronavirus-related fraud, enhancement of the principle of accountability and responsibility of online platforms, detection and analysis of disinformation, including the undertaking of coordinated campaigns against disinformation and spread of fake news related to the COVID-19 pandemic, reads the press release.