Today, VMRO-DPMNE, together with the people, is taking to the streets again because Zaev again lied that he did not negotiate about the name, identity, language, history.

Zaev said that progress has been made in the negotiations between the commissions, the representatives of the commissions stated that there is no progress, which means that Zaev is lying. Zaev said that he does not negotiate about the identity while representatives of the historical commissions confirmed that the stumbling block is the word “Macedonian”, which is the foundation of our identity. Zaev said that there is progress on 5 historical figures, representatives of the commissions stated that there are not defined conclusions and there is zero progress in that area as well. Zaev said that they are about to agree on11 minutes from the meetings of the historical commissions, while the Bulgarian side denies that. Zaev publicly renounced the anti-fascist legacy by declaring the Bulgarians liberators instead of occupiers during World War II. It is time to end Zaev’s madness before it is too late. Either Zaev or Macedonia, said VMRO-DPMNE.