Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov called Dimitar Kovacevski to intervene after two incidents aimed at Bulgarians in Macedonia. Petkov cited the tearing up of wreaths Bulgarians placed on the grave of Goce Delcev, and the breaking of windows of a booth in Bitola owned by a Bulgarian activist.

In the second case, Bitola police says that the windows were broken by the man’s ex wife. The owner is secretary of the Bulgarian club opened in Bitola, and named after controversial figure Ivan Mihajlov.

About the broken windows in Bitoal, the police said that it is not a political incident, Kovacevski said.

The club in Bitola said that it reported the incident to the Bulgarian consulate in Bitola. “We ask if this is just an act of vandalism and crime, or something else!”, the club wrote in a Facebook post.