Outgoing Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov called on Macedonia to be courageous and accept the agreement reached with France, as it would open the door to the EU. But Petkov also told his counterpart Dimitar Kovacevski that if he did it, he could expect the government to fall, as he himself had experienced and lost in a no-confidence vote in the Bulgarian government.

At the end of the day, I know it is very difficult politically, Petkov said in an interview with the Politiko news portal, on the sidelines of the EU-Western Balkans summit.

I know the risk of the government falling is high,” he said, adding: “As a politician you have to make a decision, what is my role? Is my role stability? Or my role is to lead the nation and take a step forward. I think that is the decision, and Dimitar Kovacevski must do it now. If I were him, I would not think twice. If it goes down in history with the opening of the EU doors to the country, I think it is a good result for a prime minister.”

Petkov was criticized in Brussels for his country blocking Macedonia’s accession talks, not only from the Western Balkans, but also from the key players in the EU.