Bulgarian “Capital” reports that during the coalition council, Prime Minister Petkov proposed something that coincides with all the previous radical demands of official Sofia.

According to those present, he envisions the conditions set by Bulgaria to be included in Macedonia’s negotiating framework with the European Commission (EC). In practice, this means that Bulgaria’s position will become the position of the EC. In this way, the fulfillment of the Bulgarian conditions will be guaranteed. But the inclusion of the conditions in the negotiating framework also depends on the consent of other EU member states.

A similar way out of the impasse before Friday’s meeting was suggested by the co-president of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov. “Our expectations are related to the protection of human rights. These are topics related to the basic criteria for general admission to the admission procedure, the so-called Copenhagen criteria.

Coalition partners were also briefed on French President Emmanuel Macron’s strong commitment to finding a way out of the dispute and the possibility of Prime Minister Petkov and President Raden being invited to visit Paris in early June to discuss the issue.”