MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, Brane Petrusevski, in an interview with TV Alfa, said that if Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski loved the country, he would have served military service in 2001 and defended that country, but he falsified documents to prove himself permanently incapacitated, and now he justifies he was studying, that he had an operation.

Petrusevski pointed out that the fact that Kovacevski says that his interest is with the citizens is not honest because when he should have been on the side of the citizens, he escaped and deserted.

I know how they do or have done those things to all those people around him who were part of the SDSM elite in Kumanovo. Neither the state nor the defense of the state was in their interest. Their only interest was how to avoid military service, and they found such a mechanism to present themselves as permanently incapacitated so that they would not serve military service, said Petrusevski.

He emphasized that first of all Prime Minister Kovacevski should apologize to the public because instead of concentrating on the implementation of policies that will enable a better life for citizens; he concentrated on his companies receiving state contracts and state aid.